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Educational project Isigma Photo is aimed to  guide your steps in photography and visual design. Our goal is to make your journey in the world of visual art full and interesting. If you like photography, image editing, design, web design, or travelling with your camera, create your account at Isigma Photo today! Become an active member of the community, and make your input to this excitement journey! It’s free!


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What Students Say

Portfolio Review Seminar

The information about how to create a series of photos was helpful; how to create, print, and discuss them, and what is the correct sequence of a story. Thank you. I would come again.

Olga Tolarenok
Olga Tolarenok
In photography: 2 years
Jan 24,2015
Adobe Photoshop for Photographers

Igor knows Photoshoip in a multi-faceted way starting from tools and finishing with optimizations. He can answer any student’s questions.

Default Avatar75
Olga Silko
In Photoshop: just started
Sep 29,2011
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