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Official Nikon’s reply about D750 Flare Issue

It’s time to fill the light on rumors and complains about Nikon’s recent full frame camera D750 defect. Many users complained about a flare issue, produced by the camera under certain circumstances.

You can see examples on usual flare below, on shots, taken with D750 under dark conditions with the source of light above and below the frame. What is unusual is definitely mechanical sturcutre stripes in the flare, especially noticeable at the upper part of the frame. As it was proved by experiments with number of D750 bodies this defect caused by the body itself, but not the lens.

The culprit is a design mistake in placement of auto focus sensors, which, being only partially covered by the mirror in top position, catch and reflect the light inside the camera chamber. The defect is clearly visible only in high contrast scenes with the source of light above/below the frame at certain angle. Anyway, it’s not fun to have an expensive camera and to rely on light conditions.

By the way, if you noticed from photos above the fact that the flare, caused by the low light is significantly larger, you’ll find it helpful to know, that::

  • The inner camera body design is as responsible for glares on photos, as the lens is (even more). This is true for any SLR camera.
  • Manufacturers try to minimize flare defects, suppressing more top light flare, which is natural under normal day conditions.
  • If you photograph something with a light source below the camera, it makes sense to turn your camera abound, so your camera will do a better job with now top light flare instead of the low one.

At the end of the 2014 Nikon completely fixed D750 design to eliminate the flare issue, so buying it now you do not risk to be influenced by flares. But what should you do if you’re the owner of initially produced D750, or you’re not sure, if recently you bought a newer design camera? Recently Nikon announced a free servicing of D750 concerning flare defect. Good thing about it, that Nikon accepts any market D750 for fixing (even if yours came via grey market).

If you believe, that you need your Nikon D750 fixed (even if you didn’t have any issues), first go to the official page https://support.nikonusa.com/app/D750/sn  to check by the camera serial number, if it actually needs fixing.


On the following pages you’ll register your camera fro fixing at the nearest official Nikon service center.

Great shots to you with your Nikon D750.


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