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Personal belongings for a tour to Asia

Okay, you’re going to a tour (photography tour) to Asia. The organizers took care of all aspects of your trip, including the route, accommodation etc. The only thing you have to decide by yourself is what to take to the tour. It would be good to have all the important, but not more than that, because heavy luggage can turn a trip an pleasant experience.
The list of important photography gear is described in the next article. Here we’re covering a general list of personal belongings for an Asian tour. Please keep in mind that this list contains items for both situations: cold mountains and hot desert, and you have to select accordingly.

Personal belongings for a trip to Asia

  • Passport and medical insurance
  • Two backpacks can be handy: a bigger one for all your belongings (during photo tours in mountains it’s been taken care of by a porter), a city style (20-30 liters) for everyday activities in towns
  • Reusable water bottle or thermos (the lighter – the better), keep in mind that bottled water in Asia comes in a very thin plastic which you most likely won’t be able to use during trekking
  • Personal medicine, which you regularly use, plus vitamins (include diarrhea pills!)
  • used snickers or trekking shoes with rough sole. NEVER wear new shoes on intensive trekking.
  • light clothes: shirt/t-shirt, pants, flip-flops
  • warm clothes: thermal underwear, warm socks, trekking pants, fleece (for mountains)
  • windbreaker + rain coat, or water/wind proof jacket
  • sleeping bag for mountain guest houses (the lightest one, just in case you do not like bedding there)
  • light hat for cold nights in mountains/desert
  • sun hat
  • sun screen (both for mountains and desert)
  • sun glasses
  • flashlight
  • 2 passport size photos for visa on arrival
  • photocopy of your back ticket and passport.

Have fun during your tour, and also check the article about what photography gear to take with you for sure.

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