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New Mexico Calendar 2016 Contest Winners

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Congratulations to the winners of the annual New Mexico Calendar 2016 photo contest!

The specifics of the contest made the jury’s work more difficult as their goal is to select a single image for each month of the year. That is why many interesting images were left without a prize, even if they deserved to be prized. In contrary it was more difficult to pick images for winter months, as it is not a favorite photographers’ time, and there were not too many images about winter.

This year we celebrate beautiful winning images by

  • Beverley Sinclair
  • Marie Markesteyn
  • Ira Bolnick
  • Valerie Wells

According to the contest rules for EACH winning image photographers receive $25 check, a free copy of the actual calendar, and a photo credit, printed on 6,500 calendars.

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