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Fine Printing Workshop Results

Recently the Fine Printing Workshop took place in Santa Fe, and we would like to highlight some unique features of the event.

The workshop was supported by industry leading art paper manufacturers: Breathing Color, Moab and Red River. Thanks to the sponsors, the class attendees not only got a sample paper package to work with at home, but also were able to test 22 different types of photo and art paper. The class also included an introduction of paper types and their usability suggestions.

During the class the workshop’s instructor Igor Skibenko conveyed a series of paper tests, where he compared quality, usability and visual results of printing on different media.

Just to give you an idea about the spectrum of sponsored media we publish here a specification of the workshop’s paper sample pack:

Breathing Color Paper

  1. Vibrance Baryta (glossy photo $ fine art paper)
  2. Vibrance Luster (semi glossy photo paper)
  3. Vibrance Glossy (glossy photo paper)
  4. Metallic Photo (high-gloss metallic photo paper)
  5. Vibrance Photo Matte (matte photo paper)
  6. Pura Smooth (smooth fine art paper)
  7. Pura Velvet (cotton textured fine art paper)
  8. Elegance Velvet (textured fine art paper)
  9. Optica One (smooth matte fine art paper)
  10. 600MT (textured matte fine art paper)

Moab Paper

  1. Slickrock Metallic Silver (true metallic photo paper)
  2. Slickrock Metallic Pearl (high-gloss metallic photo paper)
  3. Entrada Rag Bright (cotton smooth fine art paper)
  4. Entrada Rag Natural (cotton smooth fine art paper)
  5. Lasal Exhibition Luster (semi glossy art paper)
  6. Lasal Photo Matte (matte photo paper)
  7. Lasal Dual Semigloss (semi glossy photo paper)

Red River Paper

  1. Aurora Art White (textured fine art paper)
  2. Palo Duro Satin (semi glossy photo paper)
  3. Arctic Polar Gloss (glossy photo paper)
  4. Polar Pearl Metallic (high-gloss metallic photo paper)
  5. Polar Matte (matte photo paper)



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