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Book: Annie Leibovitz At Work

Annie Leibovitz is famous. Annie Leibovitz is recognizable. Once a while everyone saw her photo, not even realizing that she took it. She not only became a classical figure in portraiture, but also created a new approach in the oldest photography genre. Leibovitz ‘s work is not restricted by a single portrait genre, although portraits dominate in her recognition to the extend, that it is not easy to stumble upon her other works even online.

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The book Annie Leibovitz At Work  is about her portraiture, although it is not a catalog of her images. It is a book of stories behind her famous photos. It is a great journey through iconic portraits of celebrities, photos for glamour magazines and Disney, photos from the war, and family portraits. The spectrum of her works is amazing.

It is also interesting how she found the way to photograph people like John Lennon, or the Queen of England in casual, or intimate settings. Her other works are absolutely opposite, they show an imaginary world, where every little detail is set up to help creating magical atmosphere.

In some way Annie Leibovitz At Work proves for me the opposite to the saying “Image worth a thousand words”. Indeed after all the stories about the images they look much deeper. I also realize how much work has been done to reach the result, we are all fascinated about.

Some images from the book, which I definitely recommend, and beyond.


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