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Movie: The Salt of The Earth

There are only few people like Sebatio Salgado not even in the contemporary photography, but in contemporary history of humanity in general. He naturally chose serving people and the Earth, and carried this mission through all his projects.

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The documentary movie “The salt of the Earth” (2014) by Wim Wenders tells a beautiful story of life of the great master of photography Sebastio Salgado. Together with Wenders, who appears in the movie as well, we travel through Salgado’s life, starting from his childhood in Brasil, where he was meant to become an economist.

Sebastio Salgado was primarily famous by his deep, humanistic and touching stories about hard workers, wars, hunger and extreme poverty in various parts of the world.

After years of such work Sebastio stopped doing documentary photography, because, as he described, ‘it was not my body, but my soul, which got sick’.





It was back home in Brasil where he found a new inspiration, and healing in restoring forests in his homeland, and later in depicting the beauty of the Earth. He visited rare places, which possibly stayed untouched for thousands of years, to photograph tribal people and animals in their natural habitat.

Both old and new works of Sebastio Salgado are worth seeing, to enrich our own souls with inspiring humanism and beauty.


Together with the life story “The salt of the Earth” gives a good overview of Salgado’s photo projects, and displays a lot of his stunning images.

This is a good movie to have in a home collection, especially because it is rare when one a master in cinematography passionately tells a story about another master, in photography.

I also love listening to the great music by Laurent Petitgand, which was created for the movie, and is part of the meditative vibe of the movie plot.

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