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Photo Contest: New Mexico Calendar 2017

This is a free annual photo contest for the NM State Employees Credit Union calendar with a due date May 10th 2016. Please submit your images for the contest not later than the due date by uploading into the folder NM 2017 Calendar.

Each of the 12 winning images will receive a photo credit (printed on 6,500 calendars), plus $25.00 for each photo. You’ll be able to pick up a hard copy of the calendar at any Credit Union office in NM after January 1st 2017.

The contest is supported by Isigma Photo.By registering you will get +100 just for participating the contest, or +500 for being selected as a winner. In addition all the winning images will be displayed at the Isigma Photo homepage in June-July 2016.

Please register for the contest in the sidebar event.


Contest rules and restrictions:

• Images have to depict the beauty and authenticity of the New Mexico state in genres: nature, cityscape, people.

• Landscape orientation Letter size aspect ratio (11″ x 8.5″), no borders. Limit your images to 2000px long side.

• After uploading, add the location and the title in the Caption area below the image.

• Each photographer is limited to submit up to 10 own images. Extra images will be deleted.

• After the final selection the winner will send me images in full size, finished without added sharpening, or watermarks. Winners image formats: TIFF (no layers), PSD (no layers), JPG 100%.


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