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Winners of the NM Calendar 2017 Contest

We’re glad to announce the winners of the NM Calendar 2017 contest, which Isigma Photo hosted for New Mexico State Employees Credit Union. This year we had even more photographers submitted their photos for the contest, which made the final selection of only 12 images not an easy task.

Here is a list of the eight winners of the contest, selected by the New Mexico State Employees Credit Union jury.

 WinnerImages selectedPrize
Beverley Sinclair 3 $75 + 500
John Strogg 2 $50 + 500
Brigitte 2 $50 + 500
Sharon Thomas 1 $25 + 500
Allen Morrison 1 $25 + 500
Pilar 1 $25 + 500
Tom 1 $25 + 500
Emil Pfeiffer 1 $25 + 500

In addition to the monetary prize, the Reward Points, and the photo credit (printed on 6,500 calendars), Isigma Photo is awarding all the winners a one month $40 paid subscription  for our online photography course! The 100% discount coupon will be emailed to the winners within one week.

Winning photos

We’re also awarding our member Joshua Vandal, who attended the contest, and registered at Isigma Photo a 100 + 50% discount for the paid subscription of the online photography course.

In addition we selected our own winning image from the Isigma Photo contest review forum. We’re glad to congratulate our member Joanne Pratt for her image Water Nourishes the Dry Land, and awarding her a 500 + 50% discount for the paid subscription of the online photography course.


Our congratulations to the winners!

p.s. The winners can pick up a hard copy of the calendar at any New Mexico Credit Union office after January 1st 2017. The gallery of the winning images will be displayed on the Isigma Photo homepage in June and July.

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