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Life stories in Vladimir Rolov’s reportages

Vladimir Rolov is one of the contemporary reportage masters whom I often quote to my photography students. The reason is simple – I adore Vladimir’s unique sense of moment multiplied by his sense of humor, and his touch of humanity. Indeed this combo is unique in photography.

Started his photo journalist’s career during the Soviet time in 80’s, ten years later Vladimir exhibited his works in Germany, where he lives now.

It is easy to fall in love with Vladimir Rolov’s photos, as they tell common life stories with a strong emotional context, but he delivers those stories in a delicate, supported by a crystal-clear composition way.

If you like documentary, street, or reportage photos, you will agree that it is very difficult to create strong and “clean” compositions in those genres. Understandably, as they differ from other genres because of the time and location restrictions. It is not always easy to freely move in reportage locations to control photo composition. It is even more difficult to stay invisible in the scene in order to avoid altering the original story.

Of course, reportage photos can be orchestrated, although this approach includes another challenge – how to preserve (recreate) true emotions in the set up scene. The photographer then has to be an advanced psychologist to succeed with orchestrated photo stories.

Vladimir Rolov’s works prove that it is possible to combine all those important elements together, and create very sincere touching photo stories. Yes, I definitely see full stories, rather than just cute moments in his photos. And you?

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