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Winners of the NM Calendar 2018 Contest

This is an official announcement of the NM Calendar 2018 photo contest winners, sponsored by the New Mexico State Employees Credit Union. 

There were even more interesting photos, submitted by talented photographers this year. So I know, it was difficult for the Credit Union jury to make their choice, as they had to limit their choice to twelve photos only.

Thanks everyone who submitted photos for NM Calenrad 2018 photo contest. You works are great, although this time we came down to ten winners. Here they are in the calendar month’s order:

Our congratulations to the winners!


 WinnerImages selectedPrize
Trey Flynt @sportsdvlaol-com4302 $50 + 500
Meghan Lambert @meghanjanelle2 $50 + 500
Jason Baron @jasonbaron1 $25 + 500
Beverley Sinclair @beverley1 $25 + 500
John Casquarelli @poetinsantafe1 $25 + 500
Cindy Lou @cindylou1 $25 + 500
John Hudetz @enroute 1 $25 + 500
Greg Gardner @blueriver99 1 $25 + 500
John Strogg @john-strogg

Daniel Region @dbregion

 1 $25 + 500
Ray Antasek @rayantasek 1 $25 + 500

In addition to the monetary prize, Reward Points, and the photo credit, Isigma Photo is awarding all the winners with a 2-month paid subscription ($80 worth) for Sharpen Your Skills photo courses, and 50% discount for Lightroom online courses ($45 worth);

Independently from the Credit Union jury we made our own choice, and awarded Ira Bolnik  @ira_bolnickyahoo-com93 with Isigma Photo Selected prize. He receives +500 credit, together with 2-month paid subscription ($80 worth) for Sharpen Your Skills photo courses, and 100% discount for Lightroom online courses ($90 worth).

Making our choice was so tough because of the high competition, that we decided to include two more photographers to our selection. As the result Daniela Roth @errazurizia, and Jason Baron @jasonbaron  receive +200 credit, together with 2-month paid subscription ($80 worth) for Sharpen Your Skills photo courses.


Click on image see a full screen gallery with description.

Isigma Photo Selection

p.s. You can read a short review of Isigma Photo Selection images in the contest dedicated forum.

p.p.s. You can pick up a hard copy of the calendar at any New Mexico Credit Union office after January 1st, 2018. 


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