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Lightroom catalog import-export

Import and Export of Lightroom Catalogs

Check out how to automate the process of sharing parts of your Lightroom catalog with other people, or how to split it into sub-catalogs.

Lightroom Tips and Tricks

How many Lightroom catalogs do we need?

Video Tip #012.  At some point of your photography practice you realize (or will realize) how many photographs you have. Even with all the benefits from Lightroom...

Why my pics aren't chosen in the photo contest

June 28,2017 / Photography / Igor Skibenko

Judging photo contests, and helping photographers with image selection/editing for photo contests or exhibitions I hear this question quite regular: Can you assess why my pics...

Winners of the NM Calendar 2018 Contest

June 20,2017 / News, Photography / Admin

This is an official announcement of the NM Calendar 2018 photo contest winners, sponsored by the New Mexico State Employees Credit Union. There were even more interesting...

Lightroom Tips and Tricks

How to automatically rename photos in Lightroom

Video Tip #011. This video tutorial shows how to create and apply automatic renaming scripts for selected photographs in Adobe Lightroom. This makes the process of applying...

Lightroom Tips and Tricks

Your personal identity plate in Lightroom

Video Tip #008. Identity plate is a logo in the top left corner of the Lightroom window. By default you can see Adobe Lightroom logo there, but it is very easy to make it...

Photo Contest: New Mexico Calendar 2018

April 12,2017 / News, Photography / Admin

Free annual photo contest for the NM State Employees Credit Union Calendar 2018 with submission due date June 1st 2017. This contest is being sponsored and juried by New Mexico...

Lightroom Tips and Tricks

How to create watermarks in Adobe Lightroom

Video Tip #007.Watermarks are usually being used in our photos for identity purposes. Partially covering an area of a photograph, watermarks also provide some copyright...

Vlad Rolov

Life stories in Vladimir Rolov's reportages

February 27,2017 / Masters / Igor Skibenko

Vladimir Rolov is one of the contemporary reportage masters whom I often quote to my photography students. The reason is simple - I adore Vladimir's unique sense of...

New Mexico 2017 Calendar E-booklet

January 04,2017 / News, Photography / Admin

I'm glad to announce that the previous year contest calendars are already available at the NM State Employees Credit Union offices.

Photoshop Tips and Tricks

How to distort images in Photoshop

September 21,2016 / How To, Post-Production / Igor Skibenko

Video Tip #006. This video shows how to make geometrical transformations, or image distortions in Adobe Photoshop using the Free Transform tool.As usually, I'll be glad to...

Theme's original text strings customization

Theme's original text strings customization

August 01,2016 / Web Design / Igor Skibenko

Let's say we are working on the WordPress theme customization for a writer's website. It doesn't matter if we are adding an additional language, or staying with a single original...

Photoshop Tips and Tricks

How to create or delete workspace in Photoshop

Video Tip #005. Creating an own working space (workspace) in Adobe Photoshop improves the workflow and editing speed. This video explains the procedure to adding and deleting...

Photoshop Tips and Tricks

How to flip an image in Adobe Photoshop

Video Tip #004. Design and creative projects in Adobe Photoshop often require to flip an image. This short video provides important details of the flipping procedure.As...

Photography composition. Contrast

Composition. Contrast in photography

June 20,2016 / Photography / Igor Skibenko

Contrast is a basis for any photograph, and its mood. Usually we expect that contrast goes along with a natural mood of the photo subject. It creates an easy to read, and 'nice'...

How to translate themes and plugins in Wodpress

How to translate Wodpress themes and plugins

June 06,2016 / Web Design / Igor Skibenko

In the previous article I introduced you to the WordPress system, allowing to translate themes and plugins. Now it's time to start working on it!Let's consider that your...

Wordpress localization

WordPress localization 101

May 30,2016 / Web Design / Igor Skibenko

Today it is a common practice to run websites in more than one language, targeting a wider geographical area, and audience. WordPress CMS natively  supports localization, but to...

Winners of the NM Calendar 2017 Contest

May 25,2016 / News, Photography / Admin

We're glad to announce the winners of the NM Calendar 2017 contest, which Isigma Photo hosted for New Mexico State Employees Credit Union. This year we had even more...

NAT : Grand Canyon

Shooting in black & white with Nikon and Canon cameras

My camera is set up to shoot to black & white almost all the time. Do not think that I'm a solely black & white photographer. I neither want to loose the benefits of color...

Adobe Bridge Tips and Tricks

How to batch resize images in Adobe Bridge

Video Tip #003.  It teaches how to use Adobe Bridge with Photoshop to automatically resize folders of images in an easy way.As usually, I'll be glad to answer your...

Book: Annie Leibovitz At Work

March 31,2016 / Bookshelf, Masters / Igor Skibenko

Annie Leibovitz is famous. Annie Leibovitz is recognizable. Once a while everyone saw her photo, not even realizing that she took it. She not only became a classical figure in...


Photo Contest: New Mexico Calendar 2017

March 26,2016 / News, Photography / Admin

This is a free annual photo contest for the NM State Employees Credit Union calendar with a due date May 10th 2016. Please submit your images for the contest not later than the...


Movie: The Salt of The Earth

March 09,2016 / Bookshelf, Masters / Igor Skibenko

There are only few people like Sebatio Salgado not even in the contemporary photography, but in contemporary history of humanity in general. He naturally chose serving people and...

Lightroom Tips and Tricks

How to resize images in Adobe Lightroom

Video Tip #002.It shows how to set up exporting presets in Lightroom to automatically resize images to a desired size.As usually, I'll be glad to answer your...

Photoshop Tips and Tricks

How to resize images in Adobe Photoshop

Video Tip #001. This explains how to make a regular routine operation of image sizing in Photoshop, whether you need it for email, web publishing, or lab printing.As...

NAT : Koh Phangan

Fine Printing Workshop Results

August 10,2015 / Post-Production / Admin

Recently the Fine Printing Workshop took place in Santa Fe, and we would like to highlight some unique features of the event.The workshop was supported by industry leading art...


New Mexico Calendar 2016 Contest Winners

July 04,2015 / News, Photography / Admin

Congratulations to the winners of the annual New Mexico Calendar 2016 photo contest!The specifics of the contest made the jury's work more difficult as their goal is to select...


Travel Documentation 101

Travel Writing and certainly Travel Journalism have taken a back seat to travel imagery which is, not necessarily, Travel Photography. Traditionally, the main focus of travel...

Composition. Introduction to rule of Thirds

April 25,2015 / Photography / Igor Skibenko

Rule of Thirds is the most basic rule in art, including photography. The majority of books about photography composition teaches this rule from the beginning. During my classes...

GEN : First day in Bangkok

Etiquette in Thailand

April 03,2015 / Photo Tours / Admin

As any other authentic culture, Thai culture has its own important elements. It's always a good idea to know them while travelling in the country. In this case you can expect...


Photography gear for tours

It's not an uncommon situation, to finally got to the vacation destination and to find that some important gear has been forgotten in the preparation rush. It is true as for your...

Phototour 9134

Personal belongings for a tour to Asia

March 04,2015 / Photo Tours / Igor Skibenko

Okay, you're going to a tour (photography tour) to Asia. The organizers took care of all aspects of your trip, including the route, accommodation etc. The only thing you have to...


Free Photo Contest: New Mexico Calendar 2016

February 14,2015 / News, Photography / Admin

This is an annual photo contest for the NM State Employees Credit Union calendar with a due time near the end of May 2015 and hosted by Isigma Photo.The submission is...


Official Nikon's reply about D750 Flare Issue

February 11,2015 / Gear, Photography / Igor Skibenko

It's time to fill the light on rumors and complains about Nikon's recent full frame camera D750 defect. Many users complained about a flare issue, produced by the camera under...

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