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This workshop fills the light on creating a quality print product in photography with correct color management. It also includes information how to creatively utilize various media, available on the market to make your art truly unique.

Many photographers believe that a finished image will look as good on paper, or in smaller size on a web post, as on the large Photoshop screen. It would be great, but in most cases the result looks worse if we did not make additional preparation steps for a specific printing process. These steps are important whether you print images on your own printer, or send them off to printing labs.

The key element of the photographic workflow quality is a correct Color Management, which we cover in the first part of the workshop.

It’s not difficult to see a wrong color reproduction on the print, comparing it with the screen original. Yet, it is important to know, that the quality of a print can be improved not only in terms of color, but also by accurate reproduction details on an image. There are nuances here, specific for each type of the printing media, as well as for each printing process (giclee, laser, photo process, etc.), and for a printing size. Second part of the workshop teaches how to deal with these nuances while preparing images for quality printing and how to automate the preparation process.


intermediate workshop,

printing and color management, Photoshop


1 x 3.5 hours,

theory and practice


basic understanding of Photoshop layers


class materials, Photoshop automations

Topics covered:

  • Color spaces comparison for a camera, monitor and printer
  • Embedding printer color profile to operating system and Photoshop
  • Color proofing for printing
  • Specifics of a large format printing
  • Cropping and sizing images
  • Adding sharpness, specific to printing process
  • Output file formats and settings
  • Setting up a local printer
  • Working with paper, metal, canvas, and publishing on web

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