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This online workshop teaches how to build your perfect photo catalog, and how to import and export images in Adobe Lightroom using automatic presets. The workshop is an extended version of the onsite class on cataloging.

The entire course on Adobe Lightroom consists of three workshops, where each of them is concentrated on one of the three steps of the photo editing workflow:

There is no limitation on your current Lightroom experience for this class. Beginners will learn how to organize their work from the scratch, while advanced users will reveal the power of metadata and increase efficiency with new techniques.

Together with importing and exporting routines you will learn in-depth techniques of keywording and applying metadata attributes, multi-criteria searching in photo catalog, organizing photos in multiple collections for different purposes, and more.

This class offers quizzes and assignments to testing your new knowledge and skills. All successful attendees receive Isigma Photo course graduation certificate. Best students get the Badge of Excellence award.


beginner workshop,

post-production, Lightroom


4 to 5 hours,

theory and practice


Adobe Lightroom 4 or newer


class materials, course Certificate

Unit ” 1-12 Library module interface” in the Curriculum is free and open for you to check out after logging in. 

Course Curriculum

1. Lightroom workflow and interface
LAO1-11 Lightroom workflow overview 00:00:00
Overview of the complete Lightroom workflow
LAO1-12 Library module interfaceFREE 00:00:00
Introduction to main elements of the Library module interface
2. Importing images
LAO1-21 Importing from camera 00:00:00
Setting up the import dialog. Folder naming patterns. Backup copy of your photos.
LAO1-22 RAW versus JPEG 00:00:00
Difference in appearance and quality of RAW and JPEG photos
LAO1-23 Lightroom Importing Quiz 00:10:00
3. Building a Catalog
LAO1-31 Elements of Catalog 00:00:00
How to start building your photo database structure
LAO1-32 Initial image selection 00:00:00
Evaluating imported images using Lightroom file attributes
4. Working with metadata
LAO1-41 Image metadata 00:00:00
Start working with Lightroom photo attributes
LAO1-42 Keywords and synchronizing metadata 00:00:00
Applying keywords to photographs in a quick way. Synchronizing metadata among groups of photos.
LAO1-43 Metadata fields and presets 00:00:00
Filling up Important metadata fields. Building metadata presets.
LAO1-44 Smart collections 00:00:00
How to create automatic multi-criteria collections
LAO1-45 Searching in catalog 00:00:00
Filtering photos and searching in database
5. Exporting images
LAO1-51 Histogram and quick develop 00:00:00
How to use Histogram to evaluate images. How to develop images in Library module.
LAO1-52 Building export presets 00:00:00
Structure of the export dialog. Exporting to e-mails and hard drive. Building export presets.
LAO1-53 Embedding watermarks 00:00:00
How to create and add watermark to your photos
LAO1-54 Lightroom Exporting Quiz 00:10:00
6. Advanced features
LAO1-61 Identity plate 00:00:00
How to make your Lightroom working interface unique
LAO1-62 Renaming photos 00:00:00
How to create and apply automatic renaming scripts for photos
LAO1-63 Using the Quick collection 00:00:00
How to use Quick collection in your workflow
LAO1-64 What are Smart Previews 00:00:00
What is a benefit of using Smart Previews and how to build them
LAO1-65 Finding missing files 00:00:00
How to help Lightroom in finding missing files
7. Settings, presets, plugins
LAO1-71 Lightroom and catalog settings 00:00:00
Tweaking Lightroom and Catalog settings to fit our workflow
LAO1-72 Multi versus single catalog 00:00:00
How many Lightroom catalogs do we need?
LAO1-73 Transferring export presets 00:00:00
How to transfer provided export presets to your own Lightroom
LAO1-74 Plugins and Publishing Services 00:00:00
Recommended plugins and how to work with them. How to use publishing services.
8. Summary
LAO1-81 Cataloging summary and assignment 00:00:00
F.A.Q. Final thoughts on Lightroom cataloging. Main workshop assignment.
LAO1-82 Cataloging Final Test 01:00:00

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