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Contest rules and restrictions

  • The contest is absolutely free, e.g. there is no charge neither for the registration of your Isigma Photo account, nor for the image submissions.
  • Only 12 own photographs from one single account. Extra photos will be deleted without notification.
  • Submission is open till June 1st, 12pm PDT.
  • Photographs have to depict the beauty and authenticity of the New Mexico state in genres: nature, cityscape, people.
  • Submission file format: JPEG, landscape orientation with Letter size aspect ratio (11 x 8.5), no borders, or watermarks.
  • Submission image size: 1024px wide. We recommend to downsize your photos on your side, otherwise our website will do it automatically.
  • While submitting photos via the upload form, please add the depicted scene location, or event name to the Title field, and your full name for calendar credit to the Details field.
  • Full size finished photos will be requested from the winners after the contest. Acceptable winners image formats: TIFF (no layers), PSD (no layers), JPEG 100%. No added sharpening, or watermarks.

Contest Awards

Each of the 12 winning photographs, selected by the Credit Union jury, will be awarded with:

  • photo credit printed on 6,500 Credit Union calendars;
  • photo credit on Isigma Photo website;
  • $25.00 per photo;
  • 100% discount on paid subscription to Sharpen Your Skills photo courses, or 50% discount on online Lightroom courses;
  • +500  to your account.

Awards deadlines

  • Each contest participant, who has not been selected as a winner will receive +100  account award in June 2017.
  • Isigma Photo discounts and awards for the winners will be available in June 2017.
  • Monetary prize from Credit Union – July to August 2017 (estimate from previous years contests).
  • Hard copy of the actual calendar can be picked up at any Credit Union office in NM after January 1st 2018.

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