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Exercises of this free online course will help beginner photographers to bring their camera skills to a new level. All the classes come with important portion of theory, well illustrated with examples, and class assignments, evaluated by the instructor.

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of periodic exercising in photography. Carefully selected, and guided by an expert, the exercises rapidly burst practical skills for dealing with common photographic challenges.

This course offers an incredible flexibility for your classes. Plan you schedule by yourself for any day, or night time.

Each class of the course is dedicated to a single camera skill, needed to succeed in the class assignment.


online beginner course,



6 classes, 20+20 min of theory+practice,
theory / practice / homework


digital camera


class materials, and assignments

Course Curriculum

1. Long shutter speed shooting
SHPC-01 Creative blur with moving objects in the frame 00:00:00
Photographing moving objects on a slow shutter speed
SHPC-01* Introduction to other types of blur 00:00:00
Other examples of creative blur in photography.
2. Manual in and out of focus shooting
SHPC-02 Focusing and depth of field 5 days
How camera and eye sees the light. Histogram, as an important light evaluation tool.
SHPC-02* Working tools for DoF 00:00:00
Which third and direction to choose to make it working strong for your image.
3. Daytime camera in motion
SHPC-03 Panning and effects with moving camera 5 days
How camera and eye sees the light. Histogram, as an important light evaluation tool.
4. Photographing panoramas
5. Camera motion at night
6. Multi-exposure

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