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The goal of this online course is to develop your photographic vision and creativity. The course teaches how to evaluate light and color, and include objects in the frame into your story. All the classes come with important portion of theory, well illustrated with examples, and class assignments, evaluated by the instructor.

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of periodic exercising in photography. But not only the technical skills has to be sharp. Wide open photographer’s eye is even more important for creating unique storytelling images. That’s why this course is a great tool both for beginners, and advanced photographers.

This course offers an incredible flexibility for your classes. Plan you schedule by yourself for any day, or night time.

Some topic, or classes of this course are only available with paid subscription, while all other course units are.

You can enrich your course experience, getting an access to additional units of the course, with more images reviewed, and personal instructor’s video feedback, plus personal assignments.

Our temporary Student-T1 membership level will provide you with all those benefit. You can buy it at any time prior, or during taking the course, and use it also for the Sharpen Photo Skills: Composition course simultaneously.



online beginner course,



12 classes, 20+20 min of theory+practice,
theory / practice / homework


digital camera


class materials, and assignments

Course Curriculum

1. Image contrast
SHPV-01 Image contrast and histogram 00:00:00
How the camera and human eye see contrast. Histogram, as an important light evaluation tool.
SHPV-01* More examples and histogram analysis 00:00:00
Common photographing scenes, and their histograms. How critical is the details loss. Visual contrast evaluation.
2. The Thirds by Kandinsky
SHPV-02 The meaning of PVA and thirds in image perception 5 days
Introduction to the Rule of Thirds
SHPV-02* Abstract and literal stories 00:00:00
Which third and direction to choose to make it working strong for your image.
3. Building a story
SHPV-03 Telling a story about… 5 days
Introduction to the Rule of Thirds
4. Tonal composition
SHPV-04 Composition, simplified by tone 5 days
Introduction to the Rule of Thirds
5. Underexposed images
SHPV-05 Shooting underexposed compositions. Low key 5 days
Introduction to the Rule of Thirds
6. Overexposed images
SHPV-06 Shooting overexposed compositions. High key 5 days
Introduction to the Rule of Thirds
7. Gesture and expression
8. Seeing shadows
9. Monochromatic town
10. Seeing reflections
11. Interactive objects in the frame
12. Seeing gradients

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