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This online course is dedicated to photo composition. It introduces a set of guided exercises to improve visual strength of your photographs. All the classes come with important portion of theory, well illustrated with examples, and class assignments, evaluated by the instructor.

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of periodic exercising in photography. Carefully selected, and guided by an expert, exercises rapidly burst skills for those, who are starting their steps in photography. They also help experienced photographers to sharpen  their skills, and to try new territories in the field of photography. That’s why this course is a great tool both for beginners, and advanced photographers.

Some exercise may seem to you a bit formal, but it’s just till the time you’ll start working on them on the field. Nothing is holding you from adding an additional meaningful layer yo your photos. If you’re only beginning your photographic path I’d recommend to follow the assignment exactly. At least during your first take on the course (you can take it multiple times, as exercising never stops). You don’t even realize how soon your new course skills will start improving your present photographing style.

This course offers an incredible flexibility for your classes. Plan you schedule by yourself for any day, or night time.

Each class of the course is dedicated to a single technique, enriching your composition toolbox with ideas that better fit to the future image nature. Each topic of the course offers at least one free class.

You can enrich your course experience, getting an access to additional units of the course, with more images reviewed, and personal instructor’s video feedback, plus personal assignments.

Our temporary Student-T1 membership level will provide you with all those benefit. You can buy it at any time prior, or during taking the course, and use it also for the Sharpen Photo Skills: Vision course as well.



online beginner course,



12 classes, 20+20 min of theory+practice,
theory / practice / homework


digital camera


class materials, group and personal assignment materials*

Course Curriculum

1. The Rule of Thirds
SHPS-01 The Rule of Thirds 00:00:00
Introduction to the Rule of Thirds
SHPS-01* Time and space perception in thirds 00:00:00
What third and direction to choose to make it working strong for your image.
2. Image dynamics
SHPS-02 Diagonals, tilt, dynamics 00:00:00
How to strengthen the perception of dynamics in images
SHPS-02* Composite Dynamics 00:00:00
How to combine different methods to improve dynamics of a photograph.
3. Viewing angle
SHPS-03 Utilizing the vantage point 00:00:00
What vantage point serves our idea in the best way
SHPS-03* Psychology of the vantage point 00:00:00
Vanity point as analogy to your own point of view
4. Seeing lines
SHPS-04 Simplifying the geometry of composition 00:00:00
Compositions, based on the simplest important elements
SHPS-04* Basic shapes in photography 00:00:00
Gestalt composition
5. Photographing rhythm
SHPS-05 Added interest and leading the viewer 5 days
How to consider rhythm, and use it creatively
SHPS-05* Rhythm of color 00:00:00
Using synchronicity of color elements in the frame
6. Three planes of the story
SHPS-06a Front, middle and back planes 00:00:00
The role of planes, and main object position in them
SHPS-06b Close-up, middle and general scale 00:00:00
The role of the object scale in the photo-story
SHPS-06* Storytelling with the right scale 00:00:00
Importance of the right scale to the story
7. Patterns and plentitude
SHPS-07a Photographing crowds and plentitude 00:00:00
How to create a feeling of plenitude
SHPS-07b Photographing patterns 00:00:00
What to consider photographing patterns
8. Looking for a backdrop
SHPS-08 Photographing interesting backdrops 00:00:00
How to explore locations as a potential for future photo sessions
9. Out of focus main object
SHPS-09 Balancing power of the main object 00:00:00
Creative ways of photographing the main object
10. Natural framing
SHPS-10 Creating a frame within the camera frame 00:00:00
Natural framing in composition
11. Visual balance
SHPS-11 Balancing elements of the photo 00:00:00
How to help elements of the photo to live in peace
SHPS-11* Place for a deeper story 00:00:00
How to create additional visual interest, or a sub-story within the main plot
12. Negative space
SHPS-12 Let photo breath 00:00:00
The power of empty space

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