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Frequently Asked Questions
F.A.Q. , or Frequently Asked Questions is an aggregation of answers to all the common questions about our site, and our educational project, received via forums and emails. If you do not see an answer to your question, please do not hesitate to ask our administrator at the forum, or directly via our Contact page.
We hope this information will ease your navigation through Isigma Photo community project, revealing a fuller potential for your growth in visual arts world.

What Isigma Photo project is about

Isigma Photo is a growing international community of photography, image editing, and visual design lovers. Under design we understand graphic design, web design, and design of photo images.

We provide both online and onsite education. Our online component consists of free educational forums and articles, free and paid online classes, and photo contests. We offer education through courses, workshops, seminars and lectures online, and in person in different countries, as well as during international photo tours.

We teach in two languages: English and Russian.

What do we offer to Isigma Photo community members

The majority of published information on our site is open to everybody, and includes educational articles and forums. Accessing that information for reading doesn’t require any registration.

Becoming our member you can enjoy additional benefits, such as:

  • Free and paid contests with valuable prizes
  • Full access to forums (posting, following, notifications)
  • Social communication groups
  • Access to special (hidden for regular site visitors) forums and educational materials
  • Reward Points system (site money, gained through an active participation in the project)
  • Free premium educational materials and discounts for classes and goods (see Membership)
  • and more.

How to become a Member

It’s free and easy. Just follow the LOGIN link at the top of our site header, and chose Sign Up on the login page. Level 1-Listener is automatically assigned to every new member upon registration.

Member Dashboard and personal pages

This short video introduces to the personal member zone at Isigma Photo website.

What is Membership Level and how to increase it

Together with our Reward Points , membership at Isigma Photo has been implemented to award members for their active participation in education and our community activities.

Remaining an active member of our community, you’ll naturally progress in your membership level. Another way to increase your level is to exchange your for a temporarily level upgrade.

There are five permanent membership levels: 1-Listener, 2-Reader, 3-Applicant, 4-Student and 5-Bachelor.

Each subsequent level offers more benefits, such as access to special forums and additional educational resources, higher priorities and discounts, etc. Full description of the membership levels can be found on the Membership dedicated page.

You can see your current membership level in the header of you profile pages, or dashboard.

Why do we ask for your birth day at registration

We use your birth day to offer you gifts, or additional benefits making your day even more special. Other members do not see your birth day field by default.

If you do not feel comfortable to share it you can decide to share at least your astrological sign, which will allow you and others to find friends with matching sign.

What is Reward Point (RP)?

Reward Points, or is basically our community inner currency, which you can use within our website.

Every registered member can earn Reward Points for free for their activity, and spend them through our website for Isigma Photo, or partners’ classes, paid events or goods.

are not transferable and do not expire, being accumulated on your own account. Your current Reward Points balance is visible in your account header. Detailed transactions list can be found via the My Rewards tab in your profile menu.

Find out more on how to earn Reward Points on the dedicated Reward Points page.

How to pay with Reward Points?

Paying with is even easier than paying with credit cards, or PayPal. To pay with Reward Points

  1. Add an item to your cart (click Buy on the purchase page)
  2. Proceed to payment page and select Reward Points as the method of payment
    Keep in mind that the Reward Points payment option is not present if your current balance is less than the item price.
  3. After confirming your payment will be deducted from your account, and the payment immediately confirmed.

It is impossible to combine Reward Points with any other method of payment. Any courses or goods have to be paid in full with one single currency. 

Online courses 1. Specifics

This video demonstrates how to begin working with an online course at Isigma Photo.

Online courses 2. Assignments and submitting results

This video shows how to work on and submit assignments during Isigma Photo online courses.

Online courses 3. Paid content

This video shows how to access, or skip paid content in Isigma Photo online courses, if you do not want to subscribe for it.

Online courses 4. Passing evaluation tests

This video demonstrates how to take and pass tests in Isigma Photo online courses.

Online courses 5. Course statistics on your Dashboard

This video explains how to use your personal dashboard to simplify online education navigation, and see statistics for classes, tests, and assignments.

How to create fancy Before/After look in a forum post

If you want to add a transitional “before-after” effect to your forum post, use this manual.

  1. Add following codes under your intro text. The first code must be also encompassed in square brackets, as the second one.
  2. Upload before and after images in the attachment field below the post, and submit the post.
  3. Click with the right mouse button on your first attached image and choose “Copy link address/location”, or similar in the appeared context menu (exact text is browser related).
  4. Paste the address (Ctrl-V/Cmd-V) in your notes app, and repeat the same for the second attached image.
  5. Now Edit your recently submitted post, and set the cursor for typing between two pieces of code from above.
  6. Click on Insert/Edit Image button on the editor’s bar above the text area (6a), and paste the address of your before-image from the notepad in the Source field (6b).  Similarly insert the address of the After-image below.

Because now your post contains internet links for security reason it will disappear for admin’s approval. Optionally you can DETACH  (do not DELETE) your images from the  attachments after your post gets back. It’ll make the post cleaner.

The whole editing dialog should look like this:

Coming soon

Скоро будет

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