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Photo Contest: New Mexico Calendar 2018

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    This topic is for discussions on the New Mexico Calendar 2018 photo contest. Feel free to upload photos for discussion, ask for an advice on the selection, cropping, improvements, etc.

    Remember, we do not jury this contest. Isigma Photo is an educational community, and our goal is to help you in improving your photography.

    Contest description page

    Contest submission page

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    Beverley Sinclair
    Reward Points: 2 540 RP

    Hello Igor,

    Please confirm that by submitting the photos, we, the photographers, are granting the New Mexico State Employee Credit Union one-time use only for the purposes of producing a calendar. We, the photographers, maintain full ownership and copyright of the images.

    Thanks! Beverley


    • #110300

      Igor Skibenko
      Reward Points: 5 540 RP

      Beverley, you won this contest in previous years. Have you experienced any misuse of your photos? 

      Because you did not sign up any release, your ownership is the default starting point for considerations. E.G:

      • You have full ownership over your photos even after submitting them for the contest.
      • The goal of the contest is publishing the New Mexico Calendar, and promoting local photographers. So after winning the contest you provide your original (full size) images together with the permission to publish them in the calendar. No other use purpose was requested by Credit Union.
      • Because your 1000 px contest photos are in the open access to Google indexer and internet users, they (as any online photos) may be used by anyone in the world if they want to do so. Our site automatically down-samples images on the upload stage, so you can be sure – they are relatively small (see p.s. below).
      • Your 1000 px submitted photos may be also used at Isigma Photo website, and the Facebook page for the Contest, and the contest winners promotion, or educational purposes.

      P.S. A little copyright detour.

      Remember, after you publish your photo online, it is exposed to everyone in the world, and you cannot restrict an access to it. That is why I recommend to limit the size of online images, if you want to protect them from hard copy publishing. On Isigma Photo we automatically downsize images to 1000 px, which is not enough for serious printing.

      Generally the steps (in growing complexity and efficiency order) to protect your photos would be:

      1. Include your copyright info into the photo’s meta fields (always, as it is also helpful for Google indexing).
      2. Add watermark (where applicable).
      3. Downsize to 800 – 1200 px (always).
      4. Register your photo on copyright website (not free, but simplifies the restriction of misuse in any type of media).
      • #110301

        Beverley Sinclair
        Reward Points: 2 540 RP

        Thank you for the clarification and explanation, Igor. I also appreciate the tips for protecting my images. I don’t know if any of my photos have been used elsewhere without my permission. Is there a way to do a search to find out? I don’t where to even start!




        • #110497

          Igor Skibenko
          Reward Points: 5 540 RP

          Yes, it is possible to check your images online. You can use Google Images service, or TinEye website for that. It works rather simple. You upload a photo (doesn’t have to be a full size), and the service provides you with a list of places on the web, which are using the photo. They even recognize images, if they were treated or distorted to a certain extend.

          You can also search for “Beverley Sinclair” in Google images, which will only show images, which are tagged with your name, or present on pages with your name in text.

  • #110498

    Igor Skibenko
    Reward Points: 5 540 RP
    NM Calendar 2018 photo contest
    (c) Ira Bolnik. Isigma Photo Selected

    Choosing this photo as our Isigma Photo Selected winner we took into consideration how challenging is to photograph motion scenes (dancer) in low light situations.

    As the result this photo has clean composition and nice tonality. Its color tint (red) supports the energy of the dance. It also greatly complements the authenticity of the New Mexico – the main rule of the contest. Tilted body, and oblique lines of the Indian dancer convey a sense of motion. Few sparks aside and the direction of the flame show the presence of wind, as a part of the ceremonial dance, and also support the motion.

    Well done Ira!


  • #110504

    Igor Skibenko
    Reward Points: 5 540 RP
    NM Calendar 2018 Photo Contest
    (c) Daniela Roth. Isigma Selected

    Another selected photo by Daniela Roth has beautiful visual design – a combination of the strong color with vertical lines of tree trunks. All elements together look delicate and very graphical.

    It is a nicely depicted state of nature!

  • #110505

    Igor Skibenko
    Reward Points: 5 540 RP
    NM Calendar 2018 Photo Contest
    (c) Jason Baron. Isigma Selected

    I like that Jason did not add extra saturation during editing, preserving calm feeling in the image. Otherwise the color would compete with subtle elements of this also graphical photo.

    Symmetrical composition adds to the feeling of calm and equilibrium of the nature here. Horizontal lines in the image, supported by the negative space, and a small scale of the animals shows the vastness of the depicted space. Few oblique lines help us to travel toward the top, enjoying texture of the background land.

    Thank you Jason!

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