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What are the rewards?

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    Peter Smirnoff
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    Can you explain about member rewards, please.

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    Thanks for the questions. The reward system has not been announced yet, although it’s been working already. //enjoy +1 reward point for your question//

    Generally rewards are implemented into the membership to motivate members to be more active in forum communication, site activities and personal photography education.

    For the moment I can reveal these planned aspects of rewards and prizes:

    • each member can collect personal reward points (you’ll see them soon at your personal account page);
    • you get points for:

    – questions / answers in forums,

    – publishing articles (become an author),

    – site activity (especially on your personal birthday),

    – participation in site contests (especially winning them),

    – “bring your friend” to the site, forum, or course,

    – education at payed courses;

    • all students, who finished any course with Igor Skibenko automatically receives their first +1 reward point on registration;
    • those are not the only benefits, but all new ideas will root from your site and education activity;
    • members can exchange their points for increasing their own membership level, discounts on goods, service and courses, etc. You can simply treat the reward points as cash, which you can spend on your photography needs, or education in photography, image post-production and web design.

    About prizes

    Our site (and the project itself) already has sponsors, who offer discounts for photography gear, workshops, printing services, and gifts (books and photography gear, etc.). The idea of sponsorship will grow as our project grows. All those perks are for you, members. Just be active.

    This is all I can tell about the rewards for now. You’ll be notified about the official reward points system once it  starts, as well as more structured rules. Meanwhile we keep track of your points manually, and you can already see them on your account page as Experience.

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    Please read official details in INFO/REWARD POINTS, and F.A.Q. file

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