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More Benefits

Either you are knowledgeable  in photography, image editing,  web design, or you’re an experienced and impassioned traveler visited beautiful places, you might consider becoming a promoted author of our site, and start sharing your experience with members of Isigma Photo community.

Main benefits of being an author

  • you’ll be able to register a personal website through Isigma Photo project for free
  • your name and personal website will be promoted via your articles and your personal author’s profile page
  • you automatically receive benefits of the (3) Applicant membership level
  • the publication process is easy, and covered by our video tutorials
  • 2 payment for each published article
  • priority booking and a personal discounts for all paid events, and goods at our site

Author guidelines and rules

Publishing here you have to be a real author of the article. No reposting allowed! If your article is based on an existing published one, it shouldn’t copy the original.

Isigma Photo website only allows exclusive materials for publishing. This means:

  • you won’t republish articles, originally published at Isigma Photo
  • you did not previously publish for an open public access articles, originally published at Isigma Photo
  • you share rights on your publications here with Isigma Photo to the extent, allowing us to enforce illegal use of your publications on other websites

We allow affiliate links on our site with certain restrictions for the related content:

  • no maid to order paid articles
  • you can only recommend goods or services, if you personally tried them
  • do not write about goods/services which you dislike, – do this on specialized complain sites
  • affiliate link should lead to either discounted, or normal price (not higher then normal)

  1. Images for your publications have to be in compliance with the following format:
    • Maximum long side size – 1024px
    • Acceptable file format – jpeg, png
    • File size  – up to 512kB per image
  2. Video has to be posted via uTube. You can receive a publishing access to the IsigmaPhoto uTube channel.
  3. No audio in articles allowed at the moment
  4. An article should include the Title, Category (photography, post-production, web design, tours, etc.), and a list of keywords related to the article (separated by comas)

Your articles should relate to one of our areas of interest, which are:

  • photography
  • image post-production
  • design
  • web-design
  • photo tours, or general travelling
  • gear (for both travelling or photography)

Decided to join our team, or still having questions? Contact us.

If you have experience in the field of visual arts, and  passionate about sharing it with others, we’re inviting you to become our honored instructor. You can teach online and onsite classes with us, or lead tours, so members of our international community will benefit from your knowledge.

Main benefits of being an instructor at Isigma Photo

  • add international audience to your classes
  • we manage booking and host the educational process, you receive payment for each course to your account by the time of the course
  • course, test, and assignment creation process is easy, and covered by our video tutorials
  • only paid students of the course can get access to the course data, and only for a set up duration of time
  • each course can contain automatically or manually evaluated quizzes, and assignments
  • the entire booking and educational process is well supported by automatic email notifications and reminders for you and the students
  • each course offers a dedicated forum to work with students, a message board for quick announcements, a dedicated communication group for interaction, a secure online file storage, and more
  • comfortable dashboard for managing the entire process
  • personal website through Isigma Photo project for free
  • promotion via your courses, instructors list, and your personal profile page
  • automatic benefits of the Instructor membership level
  • special discount for other Isigma Photo courses and events with priority booking
  • boost you classes, by participating in our Reward system 

You can choose whether you want or not to include any of your courses into our Reward system.

If your course allows rewards:

  1. It attracts more students, as they can pay for classes with either money, or their Reward Points (). At the same time you get paid as if they paid with money.
  2. In return we additionally withhold 1% from payment to you for this course.
  3. This percentage is then deposited to the course students as . The loop is complete.

Seeing a potential in being our instructor? Let’s start doing it together! 

We put a lot of time and efforts to develop our community. It would be more difficult without the help of our active members and partners. That’s why we value your important input.

We offer some proven variants of mutually beneficial partnership, although we’re open to other ways to collaborate as well.

Partnership with Isigma Photo

  1. If you are a member of our community, you are already in the game of getting partner benefits. Just start recommending us to your friends via the affiliate link, and you’ll be automatically awarded with for each new member. Using your affiliate link on your site, or social network together while mentioning Isigma Photo, dramatically increases your chance to score. You can always find your personal affiliate link at the bottom of your profile page.
  2. If you website, or your social network pages discuss similar to Isigma Photo topics, you might be interested to register as our dedicated Partner. In this way you’ll get a commission for each sale at our site, which took place via your affiliate link, plus still getting for new sign ups. After your partnership status approval, you will see all the statistics, your balance, banners links, etc. in the Affiliate Area.
  3. If you sell products, made for photography, travel, design, or web design, you can increase your targeted auditory with our international community. We only ask to follow two rules:
    • let us test the product before recommending it;
    • do not supply us with affiliate links, leading to products, priced higher than normal, – we appreciate discounted price even more.

Do you want to be our partner? Let us know the details plus your website address. 

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