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Review On Nepal. Where People and Gods Live

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Juli Koktish
Experience :
In photography: 1-2 years

For me the photography tour to Nepal became not only the opening of a new direction for my photography passion, but also a new point of view of the world. It wasn’t until a year later that I was finally able to understand all that I got out of the tour.

Only after such a long stretch of time was my consciousness able to put things all into their places. Everything that took place during the photo tour appears to me like snapshots from a newsreel, which I am watching but not taking my own part in it, as it has a different atmosphere, dimension, and reality to it.


Юлия Коктыш. Фототур в Непале 1I can’t call the atmosphere during the tour a ‘working atmosphere’. I’d rather call it a ‘creative atmosphere’, even though we received all the knowledge and information according to the syllabus on a stimulating and challenging level. Sometimes the patience of our educators were admirable. Every evening the photo reviews reminded me of the reviews of our work back in art school: a little bit scary to be critiqued mixed with the desire to be praised. We were a united team in search of beauty. That is how I would describe our experience that took place in Nepal.

It was clear that there was a lot of attention and energy poured into the organization and execution of the tour. Each participant received personal attention from the organizers. No one felt excluded and we all felt a camaraderie of uplifting support. Everything was wonderful and the only regret I have was that time flew by so quickly and before I knew it, it was over.

p.s. I want to especially thank Igor; because of you my trip to Nepal brought my lifetime love of photography to a whole new level.

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