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Review On Invitation to Photography

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Victoria Romanova
Experience :
In photography: less than a year

I always like to photograph and as soon as I got my Nikon D80 I decided to sign up for courses – one has to understand their tools. I didn’t have any regrets. The course “Introduction to Photography” by Igor Skibenko helps to develop talent for a beginner photographer.

Igor constructs his classes in such a way that after each theoretical piece is followed by homework assignments. Doing my assignments, I involved everyone who was accessible: relatives, friends, neighbors, even strangers on the street. That’s all because one needs models, assistants, and critics. During the next class, all our ‘masterpieces’ were reviewed by the teacher who gave us his suggestions and advice.

I want to thank Igor for the fascinating classes, for my wider perspective on photography, and for the secrets to a good photo!

Виктория Романова. Курс фотографии 1

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