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Reward Points

Reward Points – is our way to award members of the community for their activity. Basically you can earn Reward Points for almost any activity at Isigma Photo. Here is at a glance what you can do with :

  • collect Reward Points for free for your activities (you can see your balance in the site header, and on your profile page dashboard) 
  • pay for classes and goods with Reward Points, instead of real money
  • increase your Membership Level (see benefits), which depends on your lifetime volume
  • if you’re missing few Points for a new level, or a payment, we recommend you to earn them for free (see below), otherwise you can buy them
  • you can see a floating bubble at the right at the moment of gaining new Points
  • in rare cases you can lose for destructive activities
  • you can check a full log of your Reward Points activity via the My Points tab of your dashboard menu 

Awarded activities on Isigma Photo

  • registering, and filling up you account, and simply regular visiting us
  • commenting articles and forums
  • joining and being an active member of Isigma Photo groups
  • attending contests, and other events of our community
  • attending free and paid classes, and taking quizzes
  • getting the Badge of Honor for courses and quizzes

  • writing articles
  • creating new topics in forums
  • reviewing course and tours after attending them

  • new member registration using your personal affiliate link (see at the bottom the Profile tab on your page) 
  • percentage from our courses and goods, sold via your partner’s link  (for registered partners only)


If you have any questions regarding please check our F.A.Q. page, or contact the administrator. We will be happy to assist you.

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