How to create watermarks in Adobe Lightroom

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Watermarks are usually being used in our photos for identity purposes. Partially covering an area of a photograph, watermarks also provide some copyright protection.

We can go further, and evaluate visual effect from a watermark on photographs:

  • it may significantly change composition of the photo;
  • carrying certain artistic style, it has its own aesthetics, which may, or may not go well with the mood of the photo.

Adobe Lightroom allows automatic embedding watermarks to images. This video teaches how to create text or image watermarks with built-in Lightroom functionality, and how to embed them during exporting photos.

Some considerations for watermark usage and design

  • Use one watermark style for all your photos. You can use different watermarks if needed, but preserve the style at least.
  • It’s better when the watermark reflects artists’s personality, or artist’s personal style.
  • Keep the watermark simple, so it doesn’t draw too much attention, stealing it from the photo. More stylish watermarks are more unique, but they may not suit some image types, or photo genres.
  • Add more transparency to balance the visibility of more complex watermarks.
  • It is practical to have multiple watermark presets for different type of exports. The simplest example would be left and right corner watermarks, to better support composition in different photographs.
  • If, for some reason, you need to include watermarks on the prints, remember about the physical size of the watermark. The larger the print is, the smaller the watermark should be (percentage from the print size).

As usually, I’ll be glad to answer your questions, or provide more clarification on the topic of this article:

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