Your personal identity plate in Lightroom

Video Tip #008. 

Identity plate is a logo in the top left corner of the Lightroom window. By default you can see Adobe Lightroom logo there, but it is very easy to make it unique in your own way.

The simplest example would be perhaps a text version your name. Although we can change the font face and size for the plate, we are not limited to the text only. Lightroom allows to use images for the identity plate as well, which opens a wide area for creativity in making our logo personal.

The best format for the logo image would be PNG, as it preserves transparency. So, if you prepare your logo for the identity plate in Photoshop, you can hide the white background. If you prefer using JPEG format, make the logo on a black background, which will naturally blend with the color of the Lightroom’s top panel background.

Check the video for more details, and set your own identity plate in Lightroom.

By the way, who said, that the identity plate is limited to a logo. Use a cut from your favorite cartoon, or a flower pattern, and enjoy the new inspirational look of your Lightroom!

As usually, I’ll be glad to answer your questions, or provide more clarification on the topic of this article:

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