This online workshop introduces to efficient ways of improving photographs in Develop Module of Adobe Lightroom. It provides practical time-saving solutions for different types of photos, and teaches how to evaluate images in terms of contrast, color and details in relationship to the final goal, or narrative of the image. This is an extended version of the onsite workshop on developing.

The entire course on Adobe Lightroom consists of three workshops, where each of them is concentrated on one of the three steps of the photo editing workflow:

There is no limitation on your current Lightroom experience for this class, and no preliminary classes are required, although you would definitely benefit from the cataloging techniques, taught during the previous workshop.

To add more dimension to your photo editing process I also teach here about photo composition treatment, reading image histogram, creating borders, camera calibration, and other related topics. The workshop provides in-depth examples of complex photo enhancement, specific in nature, portrait, and urban photography.

This class offers quizzes and assignments to testing your new knowledge and skills. All successful attendees receive Isigma Photo course graduation certificate. Best students get the Badge of Excellence award.


beginner workshop,

post-production, Lightroom


6 hours,

theory and practice


Adobe Lightroom 4 or newer


class materials, course Certificate

Unit “2-22 Cropping and rotating photos” in the Curriculum is free and open for you to check out.

Course Curriculum

1. Lightroom workflow and interface overview
LAO2-11 Lightroom workflow overview 00:00:00
Overview of the complete Lightroom workflow
LAO2-12 Develop module interface 00:00:00
Introduction to main elements of the Develop module interface
LAO2-13 Lightroom settings and tools 00:00:00
Changing important Lightroom settings. Introduction to Developing Tools.
2. Improving composition
LAO2-21 Elements of composition 00:00:00
Elements of photo composition, treatable in Lightroom
LAO2-22 Cropping and rotating photos FREE 00:00:00
How to crop, flip and rotate photos. Guiding grid options.
LAO2-23 Vignettes and borders 00:00:00
Creating vignetting and image borders
3. Tone Correction
LAO2-31 Image Analysis 00:00:00
Evaluating photographs, using the histogram as a tool, and our final goal as a reference
LAO2-32 White Balance and Basic Tools 00:00:00
How to set correct White Balance. How to improve image using Basic tools, and local tonal adjustments
LAO2-33 Tone Curve Tool 00:00:00
How to improve contrast or details with the Tone Curve tool. Technical difference between JPEG and RAW files.
LAO2-34 Lightroom Tonal Adjustments Quiz 00:10:00
4. Details and Geometry Fixes
LAO2-41 Image Distortions 00:00:00
How to use Lens Corrections and Transform tools
LAO2-42 Dust, Speckles and Obstacles Removal 00:00:00
How to get rid of the sensor and lens dust. How to heal small areas, and exclude unwanted objects on photos.
LAO2-43 Noise and sharpness 00:00:00
How to clean noisy photos. What to know about image sharpening.
5. Color and Black&White
LAO2-51 Introduction to RGB and HSL 00:00:00
How do RGB and HSL color models relate our color perception. What are the corresponding color tools in Lightroom.
LAO2-52 Color Adjustments 00:00:00
Practical examples of color correction in Lightroom
LAO2-53 Color Styling 00:00:00
Styling color photos using Split Toning
LAO2-54 Creating Black and Whites 00:00:00
How to create good black & white images. Creating true sepia images with added grain as an effect.
LAO2-55 Color Adjustments Quiz 00:10:00
6. Develop Automation
LAO2-61 Speeding Up the Developing Process 00:00:00
Multiple ways to use results of your previous work to speed up photo editing
LAO2-62 Building Develop Presets 00:00:00
How to create and import develop presets. Description of the provided presets.
7. Complex Developing
LAO2-71 General Adjustments 00:00:00
How to read and use Lightroom image legend. Editing general type photos.
LAO2-72 Developing Landscapes 00:00:00
Common techniques for improving landscape photos
LAO2-73 Developing Portraits 00:00:00
Common techniques for improving portrait photos, including face retouching. Black & White conversion for portrait photographs.
LAO2-74 Developing Architecture Photos 00:00:00
Common techniques for improving urban and architecture photos
8. Advanced Features
LAO2-81 Stacking Photos 00:00:00
How to organize photos using timeline stacking
LAO2-82 Color Toning 00:00:00
Creating color toning in Lightroom
LAO2-83 Linking Lightroom with Photoshop 00:00:00
How to add Photoshop editing to Lightroom workflow
LAO2-84 Advanced Watermarking 00:00:00
How to build and embed complex watermarks
LAO2-85 Advanced Photo Borders 00:00:00
How to create complex borders for photographs
LAO2-86 Camera Color Calibration 00:00:00
How to create color profile for your photo camera, and apply it in Lightroom
9. Summary
LAO2-91 Developing summary and assignment 00:00:00
Final thoughts on Lightroom developing, and main workshop assignment.
LAO2-92 Developing Final Test 01:00:00

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