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Review On Photo-tour to Croatia. Mediterranean beauty

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Ekaterina Nesterovich
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It is this tour that gave me a wide practical experience in landscape and night photography, as well as comprehension of these genres of photography. Of course, each of those genres has own specifics, which is impossible to fully learn during a single tour. Nevertheless, even after a short period of this course I was able to make certain conclusions, and started working on more fine questions within those genres. Landscape and night photography unexpectedly became a new productive turn for me in this trip.

To my opinion, organizing a tour like this is not an easy task by itself. It is even more difficult to bring together people, so different like us, and to keep them motivated during the entire tour. I think you have a remarkable success in it.

I’d like to mention the fact, that each of your tours is unique for me because of spontaneous surprises, like harvesting grapes, or a brave conquering the summit to depict a panoramic view of the waterfall… Moments like those will stay in my memory. Thank you for them.

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