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Review On Adobe Photoshop for Advanced Retouching

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Nataly Chilievich
Experience :
In Photoshop: 2 months

Having finished both first and second level of Photoshop with Igor, I can say to those who are trying to learn Photoshop on their own (as I once attempted), dragging sliders, clicking into menus, relying on our ‘creative intuition’, the following.

Photoshop is an application of huge possibilities; much more complex than one can imagine from reading educational articles in the internet. It deserves your attention and committed learning with a knowledgeable teacher. Just because the result will help you, not only to bring your photos into the category of ‘art’, but also to carry out your most incredible ideas.

Of course, one has to learn tools and technique to start creating art. It takes a lot of practice but it’s not difficult but pleasant with Igor, because:

  • Although his knowledge of Photoshop is huge (he works with the application since the 1990’s), I never felt intimidated by him.
  • Even the most complicated questions were answered in a simple way, which demonstrates the talent of the teacher.

Чилиевич Наташа. Курс фотошоп 1+2 (до) 2 Чилиевич Наташа. Курс фотошоп 1+2 (после) 2

I could talk a lot about the personal qualities of Igor, although I’ll say only that never in my life have I met such a universal person – there doesn’t seem to be a theme for which he isn’t knowledgeable in. He is a very easy-going person which is a huge plus for students to get an education.


Чилиевич Наташа. Курс фотошоп 1+2

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